High-End protection for the every day user

Anti-Virus is a solution to a problem of the past.  Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is behavioral-based, not signature-based, like traditional Anti-Virus software.  EDR software can, and will, stop ransomware from encrypting your computer.

We protect your computer the same way we protect bank computers and other highly sensitive devices. 

The image below shows the different options for protection levels, descriptions of the items are below.

Operating System Updates are critical to keep your computer secure.  These come out at least weekly!  Stop clicking "remind me later", and let us handle these pesky updates for you!

3rd Party Updates – Equally as important as OS updates!  Hackers target popular programs like Adobe and Java so simply opening an PDF file could infect your computer with malware.

Our State of the art malware protection uses AI and behavioral analytics to keep your computer safe and secure.

E-Mail support is an option at the click of a button.

Basic File Backup is secure cloud backup of your important files.

Web content filter allows you to edit and control what websites are permitted on your computers.

Monthly Maintenance – We will handle all of the maintenance required to keep your computer running smoothly.

Full Image Backup – This creates a duplicate of your entire machine, so if it is lost/stolen/damaged we can quickly restore you exact computer to any other device.

IT Audit – We will do a monthly IT Audit on your computer to determine your risk and look for any known vulnerabilities.